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John Hattie: AITSL Discussion



Reading John Hattie’s question and answer was very insightful…

I agree with the ideal of making all teachers excellent educators and leaders in their field. I would also agree that it is important to ensure that Initial Teacher Education is for most one that has a high achievement outcome that all students demonstrate throughout their time in the course. Throughout the discussion with John Hattie there was  a part mentioned about ensuring that teachers require support to implement new practises to improve their teaching, something I believe we strive to do together and that we are always learning!

Week 8: PARTS Reflection questions….



Parts Question:        How does Blogging effect communication between home and school?


1. What have you discovered as you have answered the question?

The beginning of our blogging journey looked to have hit a snag at the beginning as the results of our survey indicated to us that 1/2 of the parents who did respond to our survey had never used a blog or were not to keen on us setting up the blog for them and the outside world to access. With ongoing discussion we decided to keep on the blogging track and continue with this path on our journey to the creation of our Foundation Blog! As the weeks went by we used our time to analyse our data from the surveys, have professional discussions with other members of the St E’s staff about how they went about setting up their blogs and their overall experiences with it all, began to research the different educational blogs that other schools throughout Australia use and look at what we had to do to actually set up our blog.

We discovered lots of things about the effectiveness of blogs, it seems to be the visual aspect and the content of information that you provide on there. We have learnt how to create a site address and choose theming and backgrounds whilst also how to upload posts and images attached.


2. What do you see as being the next steps?

We are still currently on our blogging journey and will continue to be throughout the year as we hope to set it up completely with lots of information for our parents regarding routines, timetables, important dates, school policies and procedures, ideas for learning at home or creating experiences with their children. Upon discussion with Bec we also spoke about how our blog could be used at the year 2015 Foundation Information night/ goal setting meetings with a focus being on showing parents how to access and use the blog effectively as well as presenting the important information to them that they need to know! We will continue to practise uploading images and posts about our learning and hope to get the children on there too sharing their ideas, learning and work! Once we have completed the initial set up of our blog we will need to send all the relevant information home to parents to ensure they are aware of the blog and outline how they can access it and be apart of the journey too!

We hope to hear from you all really soon….

Stay posted 🙂 ……..




Week 7: Designing our Blog!


Today was the best so far in terms of setting up our Foundation Blog, we could finally begin to choose a design theme that we would hope to be appealing and inviting not only for the children but the parents as well! Time went so fast this afternoon so unfortunately we were only able to set up our theme and rename the title of our blog! We have used a school in South Australia as inspiration for the blog as they have a lot of information and resources for parents to access and comment on and have very current and up to date experiences with their children posted in theirs. There is still quite a bit left for us to achieve in completing the set up of our blog but we believe once we have done the initial set up it is something that can be contributed to throughout the year and the years to come in Foundation.

Week 6: Setting Up our Blog!


Today we finally began to set up our blog! With the help of Bec, we have established our blog address which is! We worked on developing widgets, cluster maps and main names. Next week will provide us with time to work on the visual theme of our blog and inserting pages we would like on there for parents. Although it will be a lot of work initially setting it up how we would like it, I believe it will be appealing and inviting to the children and the parents in our community and of course the global community. Thankyou to everyone who has commented on my blog posts and there have been some really great suggestions and things to consider! Hopefully soon we will be to connect with all of you in the blogging world! 🙂 Look forward to your feedback when our finished product is complete!

Week 5…


This week we were a bit pushed for time to work on our blog as we were making some big decisions about our space for 2015 with Christine and the architect. We have read a couple of articles that Bec has sent us about Blogging and beginning a blog so I guess next week we are going to dive straight into setting up our blog!…

Week 4- Research Continued….


Louisa and I continued to research prep/Foundation blogs today in the hope of creating a list of all of the things that we would like to have on our own blog. We identified that visuals (photos and videos) are important and mostly used and effective. Secondly lots of information about their learning and strategies for parents that they can use at home to discuss and work with their child. After creating our list we look forward to next week where we will look for all the documentation that we will require to start our blog and sharing information with parents.

Researching Blogs…


Taking  all of our survey results into consideration, we still feel it would be beneficial for us and our children to experience setting up a blog and contributing to one! So today we started researching other Prep/Foundation blog pages within the rest of Australia! It is so nice and affirming to see other prep classrooms sharing the same teachings and experiences as we do in our FAC community. The blogs we visited really gave us some inspiration as the designs we liked and the content that was possible to be put on there! We will continue for the next week doing some more research and then look forward to creating our own!

Term 3 Week 1



Louisa and I began to analyse our survey data that we received back from parents from our Foundation community. We received 25 survey responses back from a total of 53 that were sent out, so just under half of our community. We have used a table to display our data and will upload it to our blogs next week! It was interesting to see that after analysing all the responses that the parents found the diary was most used and that verbal communication was the most effective form of communication. In regards to the blog, 6 parents had used a blog before and 19 parents had not. We did receive parents concerns about having a Foundation blog and 16 that were unsure about the blogging experience! It was disappointing to see that only 2 parents found our communication board to be effective or used it as a form of communication. It does make you wonder, how can we make it more effective for parents or why do we spend so much time on preparing it if no one looks at it or finds it effective? Next week, we will continue to analyse our data and embed our table of data and decide where wen go next……. 🙂

Week 8


Today Louisa and I worked on creating a survey for our parents to collect some data on what forms of communication they find most effective and if they had an previous experiences with Blogs? We will send the survey home at the beginning of next week and hopefully get lots of responses that will assist us in developing our Foundation Blog! Here is the opening letter and survey we created!



Dear Parents,

We are currently conducting a research project that focuses on improving communication between home and school in Foundation. We are in the process of developing a community blog, where we will endeavour to share events, photos and the children’s learning online. This blog will give the children the opportunity to share their learning with a wider audience and for parents to connect with their children using an online forum.

We would like to begin by collecting some data from parents to assist us in finding out your views on how effective our current forms of communication are and to find out your thoughts, feelings and prior experiences with blogs.

We would appreciate if you could assist us by completing this short survey.

Yours Sincerely,

Louisa Azzopardi & Jessica Connolly

Foundation Teachers





Communication Board





What   current forms of communication do you use?            
Which   forms do you feel are most effective?            
Rate   each form’s effectiveness out of 10.            
Have   you used blogs before?

What type?

YES   NO    
Is blogging   is an effective form of communication?

Please   tick…




I would visit and   comment on the Foundation Blog? YES NO MAYBE

We did use some graphics on our survey but they have not appeared on this version!




Today, Louisa and I discussed our comments that both of  us had received on our blogs. It was good feedback as some others had seen it work with other prep classes before which is promising. It has given us a platform for next week to begin collecting our data and creating a survey for our parents in relation to home/school communication and blogging in general.

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